Fan Film Nominations

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Hello everyone!
As you may know, the USS Justice is planning an event later in 2019, celebrating Star Trek fan films.  The goal now, is to create a list of fan films to show at our event.  Since these films are usually pretty short, we may be able to squeeze in some of the best.
This is your chance to nominate a fan film series/episode to be shown at our event. Please reply directly to me (trekkietim@…), with your nominations.  Nominations will be accepted through the deadline of our next club meeting, which is Feb 10, 2019.
After the deadline, we will be preparing a survey of the candidate episodes. Everyone will have a chance to review and vote for the favorites to be shown at the event.
For reference:
Trek production summary:

Also, Art has created a nice list which can be accessed on our yahoo site:

Thanks everyone, and please everyone try to send at least one nomination?